Advertising lightboxes are one of the oldest forms of brand presentation.
We design and produce signs as illuminated and non-illuminated, wall signs and wall mounted panels and projecting signs in any colour, size and shape.

We offer large-size lightboxes with dimensions from several to several dozen m2. The version recommended by us is a powder coated aluminum sheet with light exposure towards the front through a vinyl face with applied plotter foils or with a digital print.
More and more often, we make large-size light boxes for our clients with a dynamic way of presenting the brand and content using LED screens.

Smaller lightboxes are made of aluminum profiles, or glued with PMMA, they have thermoformed faces with screen-printed graphics or flat lined with decorative vinyl.

For the production of lightboxes, we also use ACM panels, which allow us to offer a wide range of colors, as well as a wood-like or metallic structure.

The materials we use are of high quality, which gives many years of product durability and the satisfaction of our customers.

We also manufacture and execute orders in other technologies that allow us to meet sophisticated, individual expectations of our customers.

Example lightboxes:

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