Pylons are a prestigious form of spatial advertising most often used to present the brand in various sectors: petrol stations, shopping centers, shops, and also in the automotive industry.
We design and manufacture pylons as an illuminated and non-illuminated versions, one-sided, double-sided version, made of powder coated aluminum sheet or painted in any color from the RAL palette. For production, we also use ACM panels  which allow us to offer a wide range of colors, as well as a wood-like or metallic structure.

One of the types of pylons reserved for lower signs are directional signs which, due to their functionality, can be divided into: service, and small price tables. They have an informative function, containing all the necessary data on the scope of the company’s activity, opening hours, planning of the company’s infrastructure and purely marketing, attracting the attention of potential customers with interesting graphics and design.

Our offer also includes pylons with non-standard solutions, each time directed to the individual needs of the client.
In the process of pylons production we use the latest trends in brand and content presentation in the form of LED displays, including LED screens and LED price displays dedicated to each sector.

Example pylons:

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